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Gezinnig SleepChat 6+ | part one (English version)

SleepChat 6+ is a special bedtime diary for children and their parents.
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Fill in a page with your child before bedtime. How many stars do you give today? What made it a great day? Are you looking forward to tomorrow? The diary features recurring questions on every page as well as a surprising task. The playful questions and tasks make it easier for children to express how they are feeling and what they are thinking. SleepChat is a practical tool that helps your child process their day and gives them a chunk of time during which they get your undivided attention. Suitable for 6+ years.

Which animal were you most like today? A daring lion, a sweet kitten, a lethargic snail or a mean wasp?

Say ‘Good night’ in all of these different ways: very quietly, super slowly, in a sing-song voice, like a robot, sleepily.

How many stars does today get from you?

'No fuss about going to bed, for the first time ever! The book is challenging and playful. Really really good.' – Mother of two
'Empty your head before going to sleep with this original day and night book.' - FLOW magazine

Michal Janssen is an author and an education specialist. She develops teaching materials for primary school children, and also writes books for parents and their children to complete together: the Chatbook series. Her strength lies in asking surprising, short and well-defined questions, which seem ordinary, but give rise to special answers.

In 2008, Rianne van Essen established the Dutch brand Gezinnig, a subtraction of the words family (gezin) and meaningful (zinnig). After becoming a mother, she combined her background in communication with entrepreneurship as part of a clear mission: helping parents to make their family life run more smoothly. The product range consists of communication and planning tools. Over 150,000 books have now been sold from the Chatbook series. 

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